Tactical Reconnaissance Analysis


An Arena system is where bounty-hunting combat occurs, usually to fulfil contracts from the Shop. This works well if the Arena already contains areas which attract pirates, such as a Resource Extraction Site (RES) or Compromised Nav Beacon (CNB).

INTRA tracks reports of RESs and CNBs via its Agent EDMC plugin, and uses them to judge the value of an Arena. Note that:

  • Nav Beacons can change between normal and Compromised.
    The INTRA Agent will report this if discovered.
  • CNB status can differ between Elite 3.8 and 4.0.
    Both are tracked.
  • RESs reported automatically are without distance information.
    The nearest planetary ring is considered in this case.

For bounty claims and contract completion, the best Arenas have a Hazardous RES close to the arrival star. CNBs are better for Combat rank, though the targets are tough and evasive, and do not reward more credits than at a RES.

Low, Medium and High RESs are tracked for the benefit of newer pilots. Remember to be doubly careful that your targets are Wanted while system security are present.

Other means

Faction installation defence is also an option, though be ready for some large battles. Do not stray from your allies, and do not aim weapons in the direction of the installation.

Contracts can be completed in an empty Arena by following mission-related Signal Sources or by interdiction from Supercruise, though either will use a lot of unnecessary travel time.