Tactical Reconnaissance Analysis


EDMC plugin: INTRA v1
From within that archive, copy the INTRA folder into your EDMC plugins folder.

To locate the latter, start EDMC and choose File → Settings → Plugins, then press the Open button to open the plugins folder.

While active, the INTRA agent will assist with reporting useful bounty-hunting locations and statistics. Location updates will have an immediate effect when using the Search function.

For best results, please also ensure that EDMC is configured to send System data to EDDN, from which INTRA receives faction information.


Before installing the INTRA agent, you will need Elite: Dangerous Market Connector.

See the EDMC info page, and the latest EDMC release page.


Bounty-hunting locations are reported as you find them in the Galaxy.

Unfortunately, this does not occur in response to a location becoming visible in your Navigation panel. For best results:

  • Using the Discovery scanner will report the Nav Beacon type immediately, and any RESs for planetary rings already discovered.
  • Using the FSS to scan a ringed planet will report any RESs immediately. You can use the System map to target ringed planets, then aim your ship at them before using the FSS.
  • Otherwise, dropping to normal flight will report any locations revealed while in Supercruise.

To contribute to the bounty claim statistics, simply go hunting!


Bounty-hunters using INTRA may also wish to deploy automated monitoring of their mission stacks. Some useful options include: