Tactical Reconnaissance Analysis


The objective of INTRA is to assist Commanders in discovering the best possible locations for bounty-hunting. These change daily, and are affected by Faction and Powerplay activity.

Some aspects of a good location include:

  • A Shop system for collecting bounty-hunting missions.
    • Starport or Outpost close to the star.
    • Many mission-bearing factions present.
  • An Arena system for destroying pirate vessels.
    • Exactly one pirate faction within range of the Shop.
    • Compromised Nav Beacon (CNB) or Resource Extraction Site (RES).
    • Powerplay bonus for bounty vouchers earned.

For pilots not seeking combat, note that the Search function can also be used just to find Shop systems with many factions, without any Arena constraints.

Beside its role as a bounty-hunting assistant, the INTRA project seeks to produce novel bounty statistics and—most importantly of all—to share the data it uses.

Discover more about Shop systems or about Arena systems.


INTRA uses EDDN as its primary data source for Faction and Powerplay updates. This relies on Commanders supplying data, for which various utilities such as EDMC are available.

Specific information about Arena systems is supplied via the INTRA Agent plugin for EDMC.


There are two distinct bounty-related Powerplay bonuses.

Each bonus is handled differently and independently. Therefore, both bonuses can apply together with compounding effects.

Voucher bonus

Within the territory of Arissa Lavigny-Duval or Yuri Grom:

  • Bounty values are increased by 20% when awarded during combat.
  • Contacts and Info will display the original bounty.
  • Transactions will display the increased bounty.
  • No pledge is required.

The voucher bonus is applied after the limit of 1 million credits per faction. For example, a single faction issuing 1000100 credits will be limited to 1000000 first, then increased to 1200000.

Claim bonus

Within the territory of Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Pranav Antal or Zachary Hudson:

  • Claim values are increased when redeemed at a station.
  • Transactions will display the original claim (as earned above).
  • Administration will display the increased claim.
  • Must be pledged, and must have sufficient rating.
  • The bonus varies between 20% and 100% based on rating and standing.

For example, a claim for 1200000 credits will reward 2400000 credits with the 100% bonus at rating 5.