CMDR. Aleks Zuno
4th June 3307

Chapter 0: Preparation


CMDR Aleks Zuno

I kill a lot of pirates, and this is an account of how best I have determined to do that. It should convey a touch of insight into what appears to work, and what I have discovered along the way.

This will not cater to basic understanding of starship hardware, although it may inspire your decisions thereof. You need to manage the basics such as protection, thrust, power consumption and energy output yourself.

This will not train you to become a better starship pilot, although it may dilate your present boundaries of possibility within modern flight dynamics. The discipline, patience and precision of a skilled duellist does not furnish your transaction ledger.

This will not optimise your total credits gained via starship combat, although it may help in executing a method which does. The only goal here is to increase your direct recompense from bounty claims.

Speaking of which, observe first that you will earn double on all claims if you support at the highest level our esteemed Empress, Arissa Lavigny-Duval. If anyone in the Galaxy understands that at the heart of every wealthy civilisation lies the unsparing punishment of injustice, corruption and parasitism, it is she.

Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Pranav Antal, Zachary Hudson

To their credit, Pranav Antal of the Utopia commune and Zachary Hudson of the Federation are to be commended in offering the same bonus for quelling criminal activity within systems under their direct influence. Commanders may forgo ingratiating themselves with the Alliance, the leaders of which care not for long-term economic stability.

One other thing, before I begin—nothing of this sort should ever be regarded as definitive. I am always fiercely eager to test and implement a stronger approach, should such of sufficient merit be presented. After all, excellence is the standard, and that did not ever become the case by having the arrogance to suppose that no further enhancements are possible.