Send a GET request to one of these end-points:

The response content is a JSON object with contents as described below.


The returned object contains the following fields:

Each of these lines is itself a JSON object with the following fields:

The linear equation is Output = Constant + Linear × Input.
To use it:


The returned object contains only a field named "stars", which is a JSON array.
The array elements are JSON objects, one for each star data record, with the following fields:

The distance strings are a number followed by a unit for non-zero values, otherwise just "0".
For example, the "nl" value is "3.92Mm" for Arare, but "10.1Ls" for X Persei D.

Parameters example

GET /drop/api/params/ HTTP/1.1

Data example

GET /drop/api/data/ HTTP/1.1