Star Drop Distances

Star Drop Distances

INIV is seeking drop distance data for stars with at least 200 Solar radii. One star test at each 200 SR interval would be plenty.

Any stars of appropriate radius will suffice. Here is a list of example systems for this purpose, grouped by radius:

  • 200–400: 35 Pi Aurigae (A), V337 Carinae
  • 400–600: Traikea AA-A h0, Gludgae AA-A h0 (A)
  • 600–800: V509 Cassiopeiae, Betelgeuse, x Carinae
  • 800–1000: FZ Persei (A), V439 Persei (A)
  • 1000–1200: KY Cygni, Mu Cephei (A)
  • 1200–1400: V589 Cassiopeiae, RS Persei (A)

We already have data for VY Canis Majoris (1420 SR).

Testing larger stars becomes increasingly difficult due to overheating during Supercruise. This problem can be bypassed by using Dolphin starships.

Heat sinks could help, but please consider that VY Canis Majoris required a full five minutes in Supercruise to reach the exclusion zone. Even with heat sinks, few starships other than the Dolphin can endure that.

Attempting to fly in Supercruise away from such a star is similarly hazardous; consider instead using a high wake to escape.

  • Form a wing with two Commanders.
  • Locate and approach a large star (minimum 50 Solar radii).
  • First Commander:
    • Enable the Wing Beacon and fly into the exclusion zone.
    • Record the distance to the star.
    • Record the mass and radius from the System Map.
  • Second Commander:
    • Drop using Nav-lock, record the distance to the Wing Signal.
    • Drop using Destination lock, record the distance to the Wing Signal.

All distances should be recorded exactly as shown on the starship interface immediately after each drop, and with the same level of precision, including any additional zeros. The star mass and radius should be exactly as shown on the System Map.

As a special exception to that, a drop which is only a few kilometers away should be recorded as zero distance. This seems to happen due to fast orbits, often with heavy stars and a nearby black hole. We are still interested in these special cases; please submit them!

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